Missions and Outreach

Our Missions and Outreach Committee is dedicated to meeting the needs of our Community as they arrive.  Whether the need is small or large, we will do our best to accommodate.  


Our ongoing programs include:

The Christmas Angel Store:  Our Mission is to help supply a gift for each child whose parents are   finding it difficult to provide one. Because of the generosity of others, we can help make Christmas brighter for families who could use an extra hand during the holiday.     


The Bless The Badge Campaign.  We are filling baskets at the Police Station, Sheriff’s Office, and Fire Station with healthy snacks on a monthly basis.  This is to thank all of our service officers in this area and show our appreciation of what they do daily. Some of the items that we have been distributing are bars, nuts, chips, raisins, trail mix, fruit snacks,  and breakfast bars.

And let's not forget:

Another exciting Mission Project  is the Disaster Response Team. We began to think of the need during the numerous grass fires in 2012. The aim of our Disaster Response Team is to provide some form of assistance to people in the wake of fires, tornadoes, floods or other disasters.  We worked closely with our local fire department to make sure we are filling in where needed. The firefighters and other first responders have told us of several items that would be helpful to them during a disaster. Those items include, but are not limited to: eye drops, chap stick, drinking water, socks, and first aid kits. Our intent is to have tubs prepared that contain these and other items and make these things available at a disaster site. We also keep on hand those things  that might be pertinent at a tornado or flood site.  When an emergency arrives, look for our trailer!  It's the one with the Methodist Cross and Flames on the side!